The Jet Black Hair People is generally recognized as the solo project of Wet Gate and Mono Pause co-founder Peter Conheim (also a member of Negativland). Originally formed in 1992, JBHP created collaborative collage until a self-imposed exile around 2000. But the silence has been broken with a handful of live performances, parts of one of which are documented in the video link below, nearly completely jettisoning the collage format in favor of more abstract sound fields.

Tools of The Jet Black Hair People have included the Booper (one of several handmade feedback oscillators perfected by Negativland member The Weatherman), 16mm projectors, various electronic devices re-purposed by Univac, and other sundry devices.

Past events have included concerts in Belgium and the U.S.A, as well as a variety of radio-takeovers on stations such as KFJC, KZSU, and KPFA in California (and, via "receptacle programming", in the UK and elsewhere).  Conheim hosted a mixed-media radio program, The Space Platform, on the now-banned Free Radio Berkeley from 1995-1998.

Currently, the JBHP is part of a feedback-percussion trio, The Venerable Scroat, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and occasionally performs solo.

Collaborative and solo recordings have been issued by a variety of labels, including Touch, etoy, and Lowlands/Audioview.  The Jet Black Hair People can be contacted directly via Electro Motive Records.


People Like Us Meet the Jet Black Hair Concert! - CD (Audioview 005) Belgium 1999 - OUT OF PRINT
"Lie Detector" - NO COMP cassette (Kill Switch Records) USA 1995
"If Someone Touches You" with People Like Us and Wobbly-
TOYWAR Lullabies CD (etoy) SWITZERLAND 2000
"KZSU 14 September 1999" with People Like Us and Wobbly-
Touch 00 sampler (Touch T_ZERO_0) UK 2000
"...vs. God's Grandparents & Schematic" (live excerpt) -
Crying Man Free
Festival 2000 CD-R (Accidente Feliz Recordings, AFR-10) USA 2000

Listen on-line to sample collaborative recordings with People Like Us and Wobbly: